We Want to Eliminate the 2/3rds Rule 

Our course is built on the foundation of helping founders turn their dreams into reality. We will give you the proper tools, knowledge and guidance needed in order to get your product to market successfully.

2/3rds of startups fail before their product is even launched due to burnout, lack of product knowledge, lack of an experienced team, and an incredibly high burn rate to get the product to launch.

At Koridor, our mission is to eliminate the 2/3rds rule and give every entrepreneur the greatest chance to succeed.

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Meet Your Expert 

Sepehr has a colourful and seasoned history of entrepreneurship in various industries. Through his array of ventures, he has a balanced and realistic understanding of the skills and knowledge required to thrive as a non-technical founder in a technical world. Fortunately for us, his primary passion has always been to help drive like-minded entrepreneurs to success.

Launching our new game-changing program soon! SaaS Idea to Success

In 5 weeks, future founders will take their SaaS dream to life through developing an understanding, diverging from their competition, converging all of their teachings, prototyping, and testing their product. 


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Get out of your own way, and let’s take your idea to success.

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